Galileo the Kangaroo is a Baby Einstein puppet. She is a string puppet and he hosts Baby Galileo along with her mommy. She has a yellow body and red hair. She wears a red shirt with Saturn on it and carries her telescope around with her.

Appearing from the Videos Edit

  • Baby Mozart
  • Baby Bach
  • World Animals
  • Baby Vivaldi
  • Baby Beethoven
  • Baby Neptune
  • Baby Galileo
  • Numbers Nursery
  • Baby MacDonald
  • Baby Da Vinci
  • Baby Noah
  • Baby Monet
  • Baby Wordsworth
  • On The Go
  • Meet The Orchestra
  • Baby's First Moves
  • My First Signs
  • Discovering Shapes
  • Baby's First Sounds
  • Baby Mozart Discovery Kit
  • Baby Bach Discovery Kit
  • Wild Animal Safari
  • Baby Vivaldi Discovery Kit
  • Baby Beethoven Discovery Kit
  • Baby Einstein Puppets Neptunepalooza!
  • Baby Einstein Puppets 25th Years A Musical Celebration!


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