My First Signs Is A 19th Baby Einstein Episode, hosted by Ollie The Otter

it was released on March 13th, 2007, and was then released in 2009 with different segments

Characters[edit source]

  1. Ollie The Otter
  2. Ollie's Mom
  3. Baby Otter
  4. Ollie's Dad
  5. Ollie's Grandma
  6. Wellighton The Cow
  7. Quacker The Duck
  8. Duckie's Mom
  9. Fregley The Pig With Bandaids
  10. Beethoven The Giraffe
  11. Georgia The Giraffe
  12. Pavlov The Dog

Deleted Scenes 1[edit source]

  1. Big Kiss
  2. All Done
  3. Feather
  4. Rope Surprise
  5. Tug Of War

Deleted Scenes 2[edit source]

  1. Duck Facing Wrong Way
  2. Baby Otter Kisses Mom
  3. Drinking The Milk
  4. Gives A Juice
  5. Scares
  6. Hand Signs

Segments[edit source]

  1. Marlee Matlin Says First Signs Ollie The Otter Runs
  2. Intro
  3. Immortal The Duck Is Facing Wrong Way (Mode 2 Grow With Me Only)
  4. 2 Koalas On See Saw Toy
  5. Ollie The Otter Sees A Picture And Kisses And Turns Around It's Family
  6. Family
  7. Music Video: Family
  8. Ollie The Otter Sees Fregley The Pig With Band-Aid And Kisses And Fregley Laughs And Runs Away Ollie Sees And Fregley With More Band-Aids And Ollie Kisses A Lot And Fregley And Ollie Laugh And Ollie Kisses More And Fregley Laugh
  9. Family (Again)
  10. Baby Otter Spits The Baby Toy Baby Otter Cries And Mommy Otter Came And Kisses The Baby Otter (Mode 2 Grow With Me Only)
  11. Rolling Clown Toys
  12. Ollie The Otter Kisses Marlee Matlin And She Says I Love You
  13. Mommy Otter Tries To Eat Baby Otter But She Can't So She Gets A Plane And Flies And Eats And Baby Otter Eats
  14. Meal Time
  15. Music Video: Meal Time
  16. Ollie The Otter Eats Cereal And Immortal The Duck Came And Chew And Chew More And Even Big Chew And Ollie Falls And Immortal Laughs
  17. Meal Time (Again)
  18. Baby Otter And Daddy Otter Drinks Milk (Mode 2 Grow With Me Only)
  19. Sailboat Friends Toy
  20. Ollie The Otter Came Along And Marlee Matlin Eats And She Says More And Ollie Walks Away And Ollie Came Again And Marlee Matlin Eats And She Says More And Ollie Walks Away Again And Rain All Over Marlee Matlin And Ollie's Upside Down And She Says All Done
  21. Cartoon: Family
  22. Ollie The Otter And Mommy Duck Having Chase
  23. Play Time
  24. Music Video: Play Time
  25. Ollie The Otter Has Blocks And She Sneezes And Knocked Down And Ollie Laughs
  26. Play Time (Again)
  27. Baby Otter And Ollie The Otter Playing Some Balls (Mode 2 Grow With Me Only)
  28. 2 Boys On Seesaw Toy
  29. Ollie The Otter Runs Fast And Marlee Matlin Says Stop And Go And Stop And Go And Ollie The Otter Runs
  30. Mommy Duck Reads A Story And Immortal The Duck Is Tired And Closes The Book And Quacker The Duck Is Sleeping And Mommy Walks Away
  31. Bed Time
  32. Music Video: Bed Time
  33. Ollie The Otter Is Asleep And Mommy Otter Kisses And Quacker The Duck Plays Kazoo Be Quiet And Mommy Otter Sees And Quacker Plays Tambourine Be Quiet Amd Mommy Otter Sees And Quacker Plays Triangle Be Quiet And Mommy Otter Kisses And Ollie Wakes Up And Kisses
  34. Bed Time (Again)
  35. 3 Rolling Animals Toy
  36. Ollie The Otter Has A Pinwheel And Marlee Matlin Says Please And Thank You
  37. Finale
  38. Credits


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