Baby Beethoven is the 10th Baby Einstein video. It was released on October 26, 2002.


  1. Beethoven- A musical giraffe and a professional violinist.
  2. Pavlov- A brown dog who is somehow related to Bryce, he's brown and is pretty lovable by the community.
  3. Niko- A duck with a red scarf, he has been a cute character, and he loves the water.
  4. Baby MacDonald- An adolescent heifer, she will be the one who inherits Old MacDonald's farm.
  5. Isaac- Everyone's favorite Lion.
  6. Gregory- The older son of Neightan.
  7. Roger- A Baby MacDonald debutant who appeared in the 2008 rehash.

Deleted Scenes (2008 Version):

  1. Cymbal Fun.
  2. Banging A Drum.


  1. Julie Clark's opening voiceover is slightly off from the audio during the warning screen.
  2. This is the last video to have a warning screen.
  3. After the tune up ends there is no page curl transition.
  4. Also, before the opening credits, it gives you some information about Beethoven in real life.
  5. In the last seen before the end credits. When the confetti drops on the pull-along spider toy (in style of Dick Clark), you can barely hear the clapping in the applause.
  6. Earlier in the video, Sierra Clark was playing a drum, but before the thank you screen comes up in the end credits, she is now playing a violin.
  7. The title cards For the symphonies and wellington's victory, the Beethoven info and the thank you screen are missing in the 2008 version.
  8. This is the last DVD to have the 2000 DVD Menu style.
  9. The giraffe eyes' are different compared to the 2002 DVD release.
  10. This Video Was Released Because Of Popular Demand

Gallery (2002 version)

Playful Penguin Race

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