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Baby Beethoven is the 10th Baby Einstein video. It was released on October 22, 2002 and released in October 26, 2004, then released in July 10, 2008.

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Baby Beethoven DVD Menu

Baby Beethoven 2004 DVD Menu

Puppet Shows Menu

Orchestra Tune Up (Baby Beethoven Version)

Orchestra Tune Up (Baby Beethoven Version)

Sonata No. 8 Pathetique Op. 13 3rd Movement

Symphony No. 3

Fur Elise

Contradance No. 12

Symphony No. 5 1st Movement

Sonatina in G

Sonata No. 8 Pathetique Op. 13 2nd Movement


  1. Beethoven The Giraffe
  2. Pavlov The Dog
  3. Quacker The Duck
  4. Wellington The Cow
  5. Isaac The Lion
  6. Neighton The Horse
  7. Bard The Dragon
  8. Roger The Rooster (2008 Bonus)
  9. Julie The Sheep (In Cartoon)
  10. Vivaldi The Duck (In Cartoon 2008 Only)
  11. Bach The Rabbit (In Cartoon 2008 Only)
  12. Harry The Hippo (In Cartoon 2008 Only)


  1. Ashano Dewberry
  2. Brelynn Bergen 2008
  3. Brian Millen 2008
  4. Emily Ruderman
  5. Etana Hasse
  6. Isabella Nash
  7. Josh Bauza 2008
  8. Lily Bennett 2008
  9. Rose Bolger
  10. Sean Mettais
  11. Selah Atwood
  12. Sierra Clark
  13. Velizar Bradley Baker 2008
  14. Zarainy Dewberry


  1. Beethoven The Giraffe plays piano (2008 only)
  2. Opening & Intro
  3. Introduction Symphony No. 1 (removed in 2008 and back in 2010)
  4. Music Video: Symphony No. 1
  5. Wind-Up Walking Owls
  6. Amtrak Super Spiral
  7. Pavlov The Dog Walks Around The Lake But He Hears A Squeaky Toy And A Duck Quacking Pavlov Screams And Runs Away
  8. Introduction Symphony No. 3 (removed from 2008 and back in 2010)
  9. Music Video: Symphony No. 3
  10. Pavlov The Dog Finally Got His Bone
  11. Music Video: Fur Elise
  12. Webster The Spider
  13. Introduction Wellington's Victory (replaced Lily plays drum in 2008 and back in 2010)
  14. Wellington The Cow Beethoven The Giraffe Pavlov The Dog Isaac The Lion Quacker The Duck Neighton The Horse Have A Parade
  15. Music Video: Wellington's Victory France
  16. Music Video: Wellington's Victory God Save The King
  17. Music Video: Wellington's Victory Parade
  18. Beethoven The Giraffe Plays The Saxophone
  19. Music Video: Wellington's Victory Finale
  20. Introduction Symphony No. 5 (replaced Josh playing piano in 2008 and back in 2010)
  21. Music Video: Symphony No. 5 1st Movement
  22. Isaac The Lion Cranks Jack-the Dog and Dog Pops Up
  23. Music Video: Symphony No. 5 4th Movement
  24. Double Marble Run
  25. Music Video: Sonatina in F
  26. Music Video: Symphony No. 6
  27. Magnetic Doors Puzzle
  28. Music Video: Contradance No. 8
  29. Music Video: Symphony No. 9
  30. Webster The Spider with Confetti
  31. Credits
  32. Beethoven The Giraffe leaves piano (2008 only)


  1. Julie Clark's opening voiceover is slightly off from the audio during the warning screen.
  2. This is the last video to have a warning screen.
  3. After the tune up ends there is no page curl transition.
  4. Also, before the opening credits, it gives you some information about Beethoven in real life.
  5. In the last seen before the end credits. When the confetti drops on the pull-along spider toy (in style of Dick Clark), you can barely hear the clapping in the applause.
  6. Earlier in the video, Sierra Clark was playing a drum, but before the thank you screen comes up in the end credits, she is now playing a violin.
  7. The title cards For the symphonies and wellington's victory, the Beethoven info and the thank you screen are missing in the 2008 version.
  8. This is the last DVD to have the 2000 DVD Menu style.
  9. The giraffe eyes' are different compared to the 2001 DVD release.
  10. This Video Was Released Because Of Popular Demand