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"[Spouse] and I have been thinking about having a baby..."
— Mii, Tomodachi Life

baby is an optional Mii in Tomodachi Life, created when two Miis successfully marry and, at a later time, decide that they would like to have a baby. Having babies is optional, but it is required in order to unlock certain features, such as child photos in the Photo Studio, and two of the rankings at the Rankings Board. However, babies won't be listed in the Town Hall's Mii List until their child stage, which rests at approximately 4-5 days old. Both of the parents must have a "Very happy" rating or higher in order for the event to occur.

There is no limit as to how many babies can be born within a day to the island, but only one baby can be taken care of by a single family at a time. There is no restriction regarding how many babies can be born into a certain family, so a married couple may have had more children than there are apartments open.

If two married Miis have a child, either one or two of them will always be with the child until it grows up. Essentially, the married Miis will not divorce while still caring for a child, giving the player a chance to raise their relationship if it's low.

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Having a Baby

Before any of the Miis can even think about getting a baby, they must first be married, as well as in good standing with each other, with both Miis being "Very happy" or better. Some time later, usually a few days, one of the Miis will tell the player that they are thinking about having a baby, assuming that the Baby Option is enabled. Upon arriving at their apartment, they will be seen looking worried as soft music plays in the background.

Upon tapping their thought bubble, the Mii tells the player that it and its spouse were thinking of having a baby. If the player