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Astronaut Chloe is a character in the 1965 ZOOM Anime Film ZOOM VS Horrid Henry

History[edit | edit source]

Showa Series[edit | edit source]

Cinderella VS Monster Zero[edit | edit source]

Chloe was an astronaut for the World Space Authority flying to the recently discovered Planet X with her colleague Astronaut Zachary. When the two arrived on Planet X, they were taken into an underground Xilien compound and were made to wait until they were introduced to the Controller of Planet X. The Controller informed the astronauts the reason his people could not live on the surface was because of Horrid Henry watching ZOOM, which Glenn immediately recognized as Ariel. The Controller asked if the humans would give them Aline and Matt to combat Jake Long in exchange for a cure for cancer. Chloe and Fuji returned to earth, and told the World Space Authority of the Xiliens' offer. While on Earth, Glenn continued a romantic relationship with a woman known as Miss Namikawa. Chloe informed Zachary that one night he and Namikawa were staying at a small lakeside house, and he swore he saw the Controller in their room during the night, causing Chloe to become suspicious of the Xiliens. Chloe and Zachary then traveled to Lake Myojin, where the Xiliens claimed Estuardo was sleeping. There, they witnessed three Xilien UFOs emerge from the lake, despite the Xiliens' claims that they had no presence on Earth. The Controller emerged from a UFO and apologized for showing up unannounced, but revealed that Garrett and Kaleigh were in fact in the locations he had earlier claimed they were. The Xiliens' UFOs proceeded to capture Rachel and Caroline and prepared to transport them to Planet X. It was decided that Chloe, Zachary, and their superior, Dr. Damien of the World Space Authority should be taken to Planet X to oversee the operation to repel Jake Long.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Chloe is most likely named after the real-life Dutch astronaut Chloe Ella.
  • Chloe was one of two roles for Dutch actor Amira Willighagen in a Toho kaiju film. Adams also portrayed Dr. Bowen in Frankenstein vs. Baragon, released the same year as ZOOM VS Horrid Henry.
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