Art Time Classics Video Version is the 26th Baby Einstein Movie. It was released on January 12, 2011 and released again in October 26, 2019.

Characters[edit | edit source]

  1. Vincent Van Goat
  2. Bach The Rabbit
  3. Beethoven The Giraffe
  4. Sandy The Seahorse
  5. Bonkers The Frog
  6. Neptune The Turtle
  7. Oinky The Pig
  8. Benny The Butterfly
  9. Flossy The Flamingo
  10. Galileo The Kangaroo
  11. Ducky The Duck
  12. Theo Van Goat
  13. Noah The Elephant
  14. Morris The Moose
  15. Nathan The Horse
  16. Julie The Sheep
  17. Wellington The Cow
  18. Vivian Van Goat
  19. Randy The Raccoon
  20. Dotty The Ladybug
  21. Baabra The Sheep
  22. Mozart The Koala
  23. Harry The Hippo
  24. Misty The Mouse
  25. Max The Sheep

Segments[edit | edit source]

  • Dancing Cactus Brothers (Cactus, Cha Cha, Weisbach)
  • Opening Titles (Gymnopedie No. 1, Satie)
  • Vincent Van Goat and Beethoven The Giraffe are covered in paint.
  • Overture Of Colors (Carmen Suite, Les Toreadors, Bizet)
  • Orange Introduction
  • Bach The Rabbit and Beethoven The Giraffe play in the leaves.
  • Orange Poem:
  • I'm orange, and happy,
  • brilliant, and bright!
  • My spirit soaring like a kite!
  • I cartwheel through leaves that fall!
  • They're crunchy orange,
  • they're big and small.
  • Vincent and Beethoven paint sunflowers, orange objects & Vincent and Beethoven are finished with the painting, applause & they walk away (Blue Danube Waltz, Strauss)
  • Bugs Finger Puppets
  • Rolling bears
  • Green Introduction
  • Bonkers The Frog and Neptune The Turtle chill in their pond.
  • Green Poem:
  • Green slithers in to make me cool!
  • I'm Floating in a still wet pool.
  • With butterflies that dart and pass, surrounded by the glistening grass!
  • Vincent and Beethoven paint a forest, green objects & Vincent and Beethoven are finished with the painting & they walk away. (Pictures at an Exhibition, Promenade, Mussorgsky)
  • Bugs Finger Puppets (Again)
  • Carousel Horses
  • Pink Introduction
  • Oinky The Pig and Flossy The Flamingo drink lemonade.
  • Pink Poem:
  • Bunny ears are pink.
  • I'm having some lemonade to drink.
  • Pigs are pink.
  • Don't you think?
  • Vincent and Beethoven paint a cherry blossom tree. (William Tell Overture, Bucolic, Rossini)
  • Bugs Finger Puppets (Again)
  • Jack in a Box
  • Yellow Introduction
  • Galileo The Kangaroo and Ducky The Duck play in the sunflower field.
  • Yellow Poem:
  • When yellow sneaks into my day, I race outside to jump and play!
  • I twirl around for dizzy fun, and spin under the yellow sun!
  • Vincent and Beethoven paint a wheat field, yellow objects, & Vincent and Beethoven are Finished With The Painting, They Take A Bow, Throw The Paintbrushes, Vincent and Beethoven Are Not Happy & They Walk Away. (William Tell Overture, "Lone Ranger," Rossini)
  • Bugs Finger Puppets (Again)
  • Rolling giraffes
  • Gray Introduction
  • Noah The Elephant has crippling depression.
  • Gray Poem:
  • On slow-light morns
  • I meet the gray, An absent sky, It's light, afraid.
  • It heralds the bleak
  • The tired, mundane, Most loathsome, Most Despairing of days.
  • Vincent and Beethoven paint a gray church. (Gaite Parisienne, Barcarolle, Offenbach)
  • Bugs Finger Puppets (Again)
  • Red Section
  • Red Train
  • Morris The Moose is a superhero.
  • Red Introduction
  • Morris The Moose leaps around his room.
  • Red Poem:
  • When I wake up, feeling red, I swoop down from my little bed.
  • Throw on a cape, rush out the door, and leap across the scarlet floor!
  • Vincent and Beethoven paint a beach with boats, red objects, but they paint nothing and Vincent And Beethoven Are Going To Bed. So they turn off the light and then, Galileo and Neptune painted it for him, they laugh & walk away. (Gaite Parisienne, Vivo, Offenbach)
  • Bugs Finger Puppets (Again)
  • People in the boat
  • Brown Introduction
  • Nathan The Horse splashes in the mud and eats all the oats.
  • Brown Poem:
  • Brown is mud, And the color of oats.
  • Brown is chocolate, And my fur coat.
  • Vincent and Beethoven paints a bedroom. (Minute Waltz, Chopin)
  • Bugs Finger Puppets (Again)
  • Car shape sorter
  • White Introduction
  • Julie The Sheep plays in the snow and builds a snowman.
  • White Poem:
  • When my head drifts off to sleep, I dream of little white sheep.
  • They like to jump and play in the snow, As I count them row by row.
  • Vincent and Beethoven paint a landscape with snow. (Swan Lake, Waltz, Tchaikovsky)
  • Bugs Finger Puppets (Again)
  • Toy Elephants
  • Tan Introduction
  • Theo Van Goat bleats.
  • Tan Poem:
  • The savanna grass is tan, which matches my nice fur.
  • The desert sand is also tan, now, listen to my roar.
  • Vincent and Beethoven paint a wheat field. (Peer Gynt Suite, Morning Mood, Grieg)
  • Bugs Finger Puppets (Again)
  • Ant pull toy
  • Black Introduction
  • Wellington The Cow is outside at night looking at the sky.
  • Black Poem:
  • My spots are black, from my head to my back.
  • They keep me safe at night.
  • And, when i'm with the other cows, It keeps me out of the sight.
  • Vincent and Beethoven paint a night sky with sea. (Peer Gynt Suite, In the Hall of the Mountain King, Grieg)
  • Bugs Finger Puppets (Again)
  • Car slide
  • Purple Section
  • Vincent Van Goat and Beethoven The Giraffe fall in love with Vivian Van Goat and Randy The Raccoon.
  • Purple Introduction
  • Vivian and Randy are bowling on the street.
  • Purple Poem:
  • Purple feels wacky, Wild, Crazy, Tricky, Mellow, Mild it makes me want to paint my face, And kick a ball, and run a race!
  • Vincent and Beethoven paint the city, purple objects, but there's no grass. So Galileo boings to make the grass appear. (Bolero, Ravel)
  • Bug Finger Puppets (Again)
  • Stacking Rings
  • Maroon Introduction
  • Dotty The Ladybug appears with her dress on.
  • Maroon Poem:
  • Maroon makes me feel absolutely likeable and loveable.
  • We believe in hard work and better life.
  • Vincent and Beethoven paints two crabs. (Flight of the Bumblebee, Rimsky-Korsakov)
  • Bug Finger Puppets (Again)
  • Marble Run
  • Sepia Introduction
  • Baabra The Sheep leaps around the yard.
  • Sepia Poem:
  • Sepia is bold, And it is bright, It reminds me of the stars at night.
  • Sepia is a piece to the past, And now, it welcomes us at last.
  • Vincent and Beethoven paints autumn trees. (Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2, Liszt)
  • Bugs Finger Puppets (Again)
  • Galaxy perpetual motion
  • Indigo Introduction
  • Hugo The Hippo gazes at the moon.
  • Indigo Poem:
  • The sky and river are indigo, Under the great big moon.
  • It makes me feel sleepy, sometimes, It must be bedtime, soon.
  • Vincent and Beethoven paints irises. (Clair de Lune, Debussy)
  • Bugs Finger Puppets (Again)
  • Blue Section
  • Subway Train
  • Misty The Mouse and Mozart The Koala look at the colors that are not right for them but they saw the color blue over there.
  • Blue Introduction
  • Misty and Mozart slurps her stew with glitter in it and gazes out at the moon.
  • Blue Poem:
  • If my feelings turn to blue, I toss some happy in my stew, And slurp it up without a spoon, And gaze out at the milky moon.
  • Vincent and Beethoven paint the night sky, blue objects, & Vincent and Beethoven are finished & Brad Boller says blue & turns the camera off. (Lullaby, Brahms)
  • The Grand Finale
  • Finale Of Colors (Great Gate of Kiev, Mussorgsky)
  • End Credits (1812 Overture, Tchaikovsky)
  • Vincent, Beethoven, Galileo, Ducky, Bonkers, Neptune, Bach, Benny, Vivian, Morris, Misty, Mozart, Oinky, Nathan, Flossy, Wellington, Harry, Julie, Noah, Randy, Dotty, Theo, and Max all bow their heads.
  • Paintings that they painted (Pictures at an Exhibition, Mussorgsky)
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